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Sagittarius-The Archer(November 22-December 21) May 5, 2011

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 Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It is the ninth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Gemini, and is named for the constellation Sagittarius (the archer). On the darkside, this makes you a reckless, tactless, obnoxious oaf, with morbid fear of restraint and an addiction to losing your shirt.

– Personality – * brash, crass, and tactless * Inside anyone who has strong Sagittarius influence is a person who wants to be free. Possessive partners, conservative thinkers, and bureaucrats with whom Sagittarius comes into contact should be aware of this. No matter who or what the cause, the Sagittarius who is held back in life, in love, or in opportunity for spiritual growth will be unhappy, even though ge or she will keep smiling through all adversities. Like the centaur, one of the Sagittarius symbols, the Sagittarius personality experiences conflict between mind and body. The Sagittarius purpose is to overcome this conflict so that they may guide others.

Sagittarius Positive Charactersitics:

  • happy-go-lucky
  • holds no grudges
  • spiritual
  • sensual
  • honest and fair-minded
  • frank and open
  • optimistic
  • inspiring

Sagittarius Negative Characterstics:

  • argumentative
  • indulgent
  • hotheaded
  • can be a fanatic
  • a gambler at heart
  • critical of those who deny their talents

Ruling Planet and its effect. Jupiter rules the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Sagittarius influence will tend to be expansive, pleasure-loving, benevolent, and have a strong sense of justice. In Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of beneficence.

Sex With Sagittarius. A typical Sagittarius regards love as another adventure to be enjoyed and explored. Sagittarius tend to take a chance on love, and they enter a relationship with the samereclessness that they display in other activities. In the relationship, he or she will be warm and loving and a wonderful companion. Sagittarius normally enjoy a lot of touching and cuddling – a good,warm, loving hug is their form ofsecurity vlanket. Common intellectual interests are equally essential to the success of any long-term sexual relationship.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a Sagittarius must realize that Sagittarius will value his or her freedom above everything. Given this, the person who partners Sagittarius can expect honesty and plenty of creative ideas. Sagittarius make ardent and intense partners. Yet they can also be quite relaxed, enjoying conviviality, good humor, and delighting in the many pleasures of life. Their positive orientations and excessive energies make them a valuable partner, one who will always seek the best in any situation and bring out the best in their partnr. Sagittarius man as a partner– He will want a partner who enjoys spontenity and who will appreciate his grand gestures and courageous outbursts of enthusiasm. He will also want a partner who will not try to control him. In business, a person who has a sound understanding of financial matters would make the perfect partner. Sagittarius woman as a partner– Frank and friendly, she wants a partner who can love her for her outspoken charm, not wilt under it. Her words and actions will always show what she is thinking and feeling, so a potential partner should be quite clear about his own feeling. Sagittarius woman are neither coy nor evasive, and will want a partner who does not play silly games. In marriage or in business, a partner must always ask her to o something, never tell her. However, she will respond to hints.

Leisure Activities. Sigattarius are versatile and like to kick against authority, so their leisure interests may be both varied and radical. Sports are natural activities for Sagittarius, who enjoy them for social contact as much as for the competition. A Sagittarius who has not traveled is unusual.

Sagittarius Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • freedom of action
  • food and drink
  • being on the move
  • alternative ideas
  • parties, flirting
  • raffles and lotteries
  • perfumes and beauty aids

Sagittarius Dislikes –

  • disapproval from others
  • making promises
  • administration
  • tight clothes
  • having their honesty doubted
  • being too safe, secure, or confined

Sagittarius At Rest. A typical Sagittarius never rests. A Sagittarius who lounges around looking bored is one who feels restricted and needs to break free again. The way that typical Sagittarius rest is by sleeping, thinking, and dreaming – and then moving off somewhere new.

Famous Sagittarius:

  • Billy The Kid- November 23, 1859- The gunslinging boy wonder waas actually born Henry McCarty in NYC, but by the time he was 18 he was way out west in Arizona. He shot and killed at least 9 men.
  • Ty Cobb- December 18, 1886- The Georgia Peach; the legendary best-ever baseball player and the sport’s most detestable human being, according to most aficionados; violent, uber competative.
  • Lucky Luciano- November 24, 1897- Sicilian-born celebrity gangster of the 1930’s, who came to NYC in 1906, went on to run drugs, drink, gambling, and prostitution rackets.
  • Jim Morrison- December 8, 1943- Frontman with legendary Sixties cult-rock psychedelics, consumed every mind-bending drug known to humanity.

Scorpio-The Scorpion(October 23-November 22)

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 Scorpio is a feminine, fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto. It is the eighth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Taurus, and is named for the constellation Scorpio (the scorpion). On the darkisde, this makes you an obsessive, possessive manipulator with an unquenchable lust for power and a penchant for degredation.

 -Personality- *intense, ruthless, domineering* Inside anyone who has strong Scorpio influences is a person who is intractable and impenetrable, so the secret Scorpio usually remains a secret. All Scorpios like to keep their true nature as hidden as possible. Astrologically, Scorpio is set to be at one or other of three stages of evolution. A “Stage 1” Scorpio exercises power through emotion and instinct. This Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion, an insect more likely, in the end, to sting itself then others. The “Stage 2” type exercises power through the intellect. This Scorpio is symbolized bu the golden eagle – a bird that source higher than any other. The final stage of evolution, Scorpio exercises power through love. This Scorpio is symbolized by the dove of peace.


Scorpio Positive Characteristics:

  • self critical
  • penetrating
  • investigative
  • passionatly caring
  • protective
  • tenatious
  • magnetic
  • dynamic

Scorpio Negative Characteristics:

  • self destructive
  • ruthless
  • overbearing
  • suspicious
  • jealous
  • possessive
  • dangerous

Ruling Planet and its effect. Both Mars and Pluto rule the zodiac sign of Scorpio, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Scorpio influence will tend to have two drives – one influenced by tha battling energy of Mars and the other by the hidden depth of Pluto. In Astrology, Mars is the planet of aggresion, and Pluto is the planet of magnetic forces.

Sex With Scorpio. When a typical Scorpio makes love, it is an expression of all the pent-up passion that is hidden inside this most magnetic of personalities. Sex is an important eliment of life to a Scorpio. Indeed, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that indicates the gretest interest in sexual matters as in other areas of life, Scorpio are liable to be both inventive and single minded –  but for most Scorpios, sex is very much an expression of love.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Scorpio must realize that Scorpio will expect to dominate the partnership. Given this, the person who partners Scorpio can expect unwavering loyalty, hard work, and passion drive to succeed –  whether in business or marriage. Scorpio man as a partner- In business, Scorpio man will inevitably be in charge of the partnership that is most likely to have initiated the terms of agreement. A Scorpio who accpets orders from a partner is doing so for particular reason. For example, if money or future progress are the reward, Scorpio will appear to accpet even a subordinat position for as long as it takes to achieve the results he wants. Scorpio will be proud of his partner and his partner’s skills, and he will go out of his way to enable the partner to achieve ambitions too. Scorpio woman as a partner- Scorpio woman is often even more suble than her male counterpart. She happily accepts the subordinate role and plays this part well. Again, however, this is only so that she can achieve her ambitioun at the end. Like her male counterpart, she will be loyal to the partner and do everything to help the parnter. Scorpios can work very hard, and they often provide the dynamic qualities to the business. It is unlikely that Scorpio and the partner will have equal footing. The Scorpio will, in reality, have an edge on the partner – but only in ways that the Scorpio sees will be helpful to the joint venture. Scorpio shrewdness is a vital asset in any partnership.

Leisure Activities. Finding out how things work, taking something apart and reconstructing it, or delving into the mysteries of the human mind are all of interests to Scorpios, who also enjoy of variety of sports. Winning is important.

Scorpio Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • activity
  • mysteries
  • secrets
  • winning
  • sex
  • being acknowledged
  • home

Scorpio Dislikes –

  • being analyzed
  • being asked personal questions
  • people who know more than they do
  • too many compliments
  • having to trust a stranger

Scorpio at rest. Scorpios often find it hard to relax. Some Scorpios will even avoid situations where they can relax. When on vacation, they often seem to have a small accident or minor illness in the first days.

Famous Scorpios:

  • Fiodor Dostoevskiy- October 30, 1821- Dark, bruting Russiam writer, military engineer, and gambling addict, who was sentanced to death, but repreived.
  • Bram Stocker- November 8, 1847- Dark, bruting Irish civil servant, theatrical impressarior, and writer.
  • Pablo Picasso- October 25, 1881- Dark, bruting Spanish artist, the passionate, prolific, seminal shaping spirit of 20th century art.
  • Dylan Thomas –October 27, 1914- Dark, bruting Welsh poet, perminantly steeped in liquor.



Libra-The Scales(September 23-October 22) May 4, 2011

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 Libra is a masculine, cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus. It is seventh sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposit Aries, and is named for the constellation Libra (the scales). On the darkside, this makes you a vain, shallow, petulant, spendthrift with an unerring eye for style over substance and a lifelong dedication to the quest for an easy meal ticket.

 -Persoanlity- *shallow, superficial, shrewd* Inside anyone who has strong Libra influences is a person who is terrified of being alone. The fear is usually well controlled so the typical Libra always looks calm, collected, and in charge of the situation. Good-natured and loving, Libra can also be petulant, and even objectionable, when asked to take orders. Similarly, they are extremely intelligent, yet sometimes gullible; they enjoy talking to people, yet can also be very attentive listeners. The Libra symbol is a clue to understanding this apparent inconsistency in behavior. In attempting to gain an even balance, the scales first tip one way and then the other. This is how the typical Libra behaves- constantly trying to change to attain that perfect balance.

Libra Positive Characteristics:

  • cooperative
  • good companion
  • artistic
  • has clear opinions
  • very strong beliefs
  • uses intellect when going into action
  • charming
  • loving and romantic

Libra Negative Characteristics:

  • narcsissistic
  • indolent or sulky
  • fearful
  • manipulatuve
  • flirtatious

Ruling Planet and its effect. Venus rules the zodiac sign of Libra, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Libra influence will tend to be gentle, loving peacemaker – until the scales tip too far and need to be adjusted. Venus is the planet of values, self, possessions, beauty, and love.

Sex With Libra. When a typical Libra makes love it is not always a passionate experience, unless there are more passionate signs in the Libra’s chart. Libta may appear to be calm, confident, and in control, but they are often very uncertain about their sexual identity. They are usually very influenced by images of sexual attractiveness in the media, and no matter how beautiful, or handsome they are (and they often are) Libra can feel sexually very insecure and uncertain. All this doesn’t, however, lessen Libra’s interest in sex.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Libra must realize that Libra forms partnerships to avoid the terrible sense of loneliness which is always present at the heart of a Libra. Given this, the person who partners Libra can expect the marriage or the business to be happy and successful. Libra is the zodiac sign of partnerships, and typical Libra cannot imagine life without a relationship. The Libra will work hard and thoughtfully to make the partnership a harmonious balance of two personalities. Libra man as a partner- He will want a partner who has some good social or business connections. The young or immature Libra sees himself as the ugly duckling of the fairy tale. He will want his partner to be his personal mirror, reflecting back to him a self-image that is mature and confident. The developed Libra will indeed  grow into a swan, but most Libras need plenty of encouragement on the way. In a relationship, Libra will generally take charge of the finances, making sure that there is always a good bank balance. Libras tend to have very strong views about money. Libra woman as a patner- The young, inexperienced Libra female will see a partner as the provider of all that she needs. As she matures, she will want to share herself with her partnr. She will have plenty of talent and energy, and her aim is to be successful in every field. She will bring logic and sophistication to any business and a calm beauty to her home- where she will help her loved one to relax and renew himself.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Libras are not overly fond of vigorous, sweaty exercise. This offends their preference for a harmony of the senses. Many Libras have a lasting interest in the arts. Of these, music is a high priority.


  • pleasing
  • being fussed over
  • credit cards
  • muted, subtle colors and textures
  • getting notes, cards and flowers
  • very small animals
  • having people around

Libra Dislikes –

  • loud arguments
  • confused situations
  • sloppiness
  • ugly places
  • any criticism of their chosen partner or project
  • being pressured to make up their mind

Libra at rest. A typical Libra loves a luxurious bedroom where he or she can lie around in blissful indolence. While at rest, Libra’s mind is rarely still, always planning ahead.

Famous Libra

  • Oscar Wilde- October 16, 1854- Flamboyant writer, dandy, and wit, famous for being able to resist anything but temptation.
  • Alfred Nobel- October 21, 1883- Swedish chemist who invented dynamite, one of the first of many manmade weapons of mass destruction, and who then, to balance things up, used the profits to endow international prizes for contributions to the good of humanity.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald- September 24, 1896- Great American novelist, chronicler of the lives of the beautiful and the damned, and no stranger to indulgence himslef.
  • Margaret Thatcher- October 13, 1925- First British woman Prime minister an iron fist clutching a velvet handbag. Memorably described by French leader as having “the eyes of Caligula, but the mouth of Monroe.”

Virgo-The Virgin(August 24-September 22)

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 Virgo is feminine, mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury. It is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Pisces, and is named for the constellation Virgo (the virgin). On the darkside, this makes you a peevish, hypercritical, anal-retentive, with an obsession for sterile profectionism and a pedantic fetish for detail.

 -Personality- *peevish, pedantic, perfectionist* Inside anyone who has strong Virgo influences is a person who worries too much about every personal imperfection and never satisfied with his or her own standards. Virgo may appear to know it all and be a compulsive worker; both these behaviours hide a deep fear that he or she cannot be good enough for, say, the job or the partner. Virgos crave the opportunity to serve ohers and take charge of the many apperantly mundane matters that, collectively, are the bed rock of success. One of the least suspected aspects of the Virgo personality is a strong, almost volcanic sexual that can lye hidden and dormant for years until the right partner comes along.


Virgo Positive Characteristics:

  • gentelness with the helpless
  • sympathetic
  • humane and helpful
  • organized
  • knowledgable about good health
  • witty and charming
  • physically sensual

Virgo Negative Characteristics:

  • criticism
  • lazy
  • cranky and irritable
  • dogmatic
  • untidy
  • tendency to be a hypochondriac

 Ruling Planet and its effect. Mercury rules the zodiac sign of Virgo, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Virgo influence will have a good and quick mind. In Astrology, Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication.

Sex With Virgin. When a typical Virgo makes love it is a pure-minded, natural, healthy act. Virgo only enjoys sex when it with someone who has gained Virgo’s confidence. Selibacy for short or long periods, is not usually difficult for Virgo. In general, Virgo are looking for a spouse, not a one-night stand or an affair. A Virgo who has not had his or her fragile sense of self undermind in youth will enjoy sex. The bed side library may include informative books on sex, because Virgos like to understand the finer details. Virgo (male or female) tend to seduce with finesse, charm, and subtlety. The fact that typical Virgo instincts are cheste doesnt mean that Virgos are virgins. The Virgin of Astrology is a symbol of self-improvement and fertility.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a Typical Virgo must realize that Virgo will regard the union as perminant, althouth the finer details can be flexible. Given this, the person who partners Virgo can expect absolute loyalty. Virgos make strong commitment because they combine duty with devotion. The Virgo will approach a proposal with great caution and will analyze the pro’s and con’s thoroughly before getting involved. This is an excellet approach to any long-term partnership but may sound rather cold and clinical in the case of the porposed marriage. Virgo man as a partner- He will be thoughtful, considerate, and honest. He will remember dates, anniversaries, and agreement. He can be a wizard when it comes to the sensible balancing of the budget. He will love, honor, and criticize, but will not expect to be obeyed, waited on, or be dazzled by sexy make up and clothes. However, he will want cleaniness and a lot of warmth and sincere respect. Virgo woman as a partner- She is shy but as tough as nails when the need arises. In business, she will be cool, intelligent, and fully commited. Slow to love Virgo woman is not interested in anything less than true love. When it happens, she will love intensly. She will only break a partnership if there has been hypocrisy. She is the most practical romantic in the zodiac.

Leisure Activities. Most Virgos enjoy intellectual and practial persuits. While many will take regular exercise for the sake of their health, they are not natural sportsmen and sportwomen.


  • making lists
  • well stocked medicine cabinet
  • tiny animals
  • panctuality
  • grooming self
  • dealing with details
  • helping others

Virgo Dislikes –

  • crowds and noise
  • slang and vulgarity
  • people who whine and complain a lot
  • sitting still for a long time
  • disrupted schedules

Virgo At Rest. Extending the metaphor of Virgo as a mutable Eart sign, it follows that addaptibility(the mutubale quality) can sometimes work for Virgo, who finds it easy to change position of the body or mind are under stress.

Famous Virgos

  • Ivan the Terrible- September 4, 1530- First ever tsar of Russia; a martyr to chronic ill health, Ivan is famous for his progressive administartive policies, which unified Russia into a powerful country, and infamous for his repressive peasant policies.
  • Cardinal Richelieu- September 9, 1585- Prime Minister of France and top class lackey to the King, Louis XIII, whose status and power he improved by an integrative program of political repretion and force.
  • D. H. Lorance- Septemeber 11, 1885- English author of the infamous “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” (among other works), Lorance was plagued by ill health (which made him peevish), and at the same time obsessed with and repelled by earth shaking sex.
  • Greta Garbo- September 18, 1905- Reclusive Swedish born Hollywood star, who conducted many love affairs with members of all sexes, but never commited to anyone.

Leo-The Lion(Jule 23-August 22)

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 Leo is a masculine, fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Aquarius, and is named for the constellation Leo ( the lion). On the darkside, this makes a vain, arrogant, condescending, solipsist with imperial longings and in all-pervasive addiction to unconditional sychophancy.

 – Personality- *bossy, boastful, bombastic* Inside anyone who has a strong Leo influences is a person who wants to be on top. Potential competitors should remember this. Leo is not interested in winning, but in being a king or queen of a particular castle. Privately, the typical Leo craves love more than anyone would ever guess. Love, adoration, appreciation, recognition: these are what keep Leos generous, fun-loving nature, burning brightly. While typical Leos may appear to be confident, especially when they take central stage in the lime light, they have secret doubts about their true worth and may seriously undervalue themselves.

Leo Positive Characteristics:

  • honesty and royalty
  • sunny disposition
  • a sense of dignity
  • pride in the home
  • attractive liveliness
  • friendly and kind

Leo Negative Characteristics:

  • stubborn
  • arrogant
  • sulkiness
  • smugness
  • indifference or uncaring attitude
  • tendency to take undercredit

Ruling Planet and its effect. The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Leo influence may expect things in life to orbit around them. In Astrology, the Sun is the life giver and a source of creativity.

Sex With Leo. When a typical Leo makes love it is regarded as a many-splended thing. In fact, Leos can often forget about their partners as they wonder through their personal, playful world of lovemaking. Leos are unrestrained lovers and can make the partner feel very special. Any idea of failure is alien to both male and female Leos. If sexual problems arise, a typical Leo is mortified and often will not seek the help that is needed. The sexual partner is also required to be a friend. In fact, the Leo wants love, sex, and friednship from his or her spouse or lover. Leos tend to be sexually oriented, so they will generally expect sex of a high quality, which takes into account their special needs and wants.

Relationship. Leos are legendary for making excellent friends. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Leo must realize that Leo will believe that he or she is superior in some way or other. Given this, the person who partners A Leo can expect warmth, loyalty, support, generousity, and undying devotion. Only lazy, foolish Leos look for a partner who will worship them. Leo man as a partner- He will want a partner who enhances his own image and who enjoys being in a spotlight as much as he does. The partner must be good-looking but should not outshine Leo himself. Leo man wants a marriage partner who will place him at the head of the table and believe in his dreams. She will be a woman of good manners who will never do anything to tarnish her own, and therefore his, reputation and she will be a devoted mother to their children. Leo woman as a parnter- The typical Leo woman looks for a partner who will install her as queen of the whole neighbourhood. He must provide her with a house she can make into a welcoming place, where she can entertain with enthusiasm and generous hospitality. With the right partner, the lady Leo will rise in social status due to her to boundless strenght and persistance. Consequently, her light will shine on her partner too. Leo woman will take the responsibility of motherhood in her stride and will expect her partner to be as devoted to the children as she is.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Leos like to follow an exercise routine. Done sensibly, this will strenghten any weak points. As Leos always want to be outstanding inanything they do, they should beware of overdoing exercise – it may make them volnurable to stress reactions.


  • activity
  • anything that promises pleasure
  • being creative
  • beauitfuly wrapped personalized gifts
  • silks, satins, gold
  • receiving things

Leo Dislikes –

  • physical pain
  • being ignored
  • being back stage
  • lies
  • being laughed at

Leo At Rest. Extending the metaphor of Leo as a fixed Fire sign, it follows that the fire in the great will sometimes burn brightly and be a center of warmth and delight to everyone who gathers around it. However, fires do go out and have to be relit. So it is with typical Leo energy. The Leo will sometimes need to rest, relax, and have cat naps.

Famous Leos:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte– August 15, 1769-  From a standing start as a tiny Corsican nobody, Napoleon clawed his way to the top to become emperor of France; he really did have a plan for world domination.
  • Benito Mussolini- July 29, 1883- Proclaimed himself II Duce of the one party fascist government in Italy in 1922. Democracy- who needs it! But it all ended in tears in 1945 at the end of WW II when he was murdered by his own countryman.
  • Fidel Castro- August 13, 1926- Premier of Cuba, which he took over in 1959 and has kept an iron grip on ever since. Often mistakenlydescribed as a revolutionary, when he is just an old fashioned king.
  • Madonna- August 16, 1958- Globally worshiped international superstar, film star, actress, style icon, children’s author, and hard-nosed business person, Madonna is the epitome of blonde ambiton, queen of showbiz jungle.

Cancer-The Crab(June 21-July 22)

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 Cancer is a feminine, cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon. It is the fourth sign on the zodiac wheel. directly opposite Capricorn, and is named for the constellation Cancer (the crab). On the darkside, this makes you a grumpy, secretive, passive-aggressive grudge-hoarder, with bipolar mood swings and a positive genius for pointless worrying.

 – Personality – *graceless, gloomy, grudge-encrusted* Inside anyone who has strong Cancerian influences is a person who was very shy when young and who still tends to use a hard outer shell in defense against what are perceived as hurts from other people. The most vulnerable part of Cancerian personality is an inner fear of nameless dangers that often reduce a wonderful dream to a pessimistic worry. The fear is of becoming lost in the dark of outer space. This indefinale fear of insecurity is often what drives the typucal Cancerian personality to invest much time and effort in activities which will enhance a feeling of security and self-preservation. Although Cancerians can make excellnt friends, they are likely to want to hve you allto themselves and not share you with other mutual friends. Never expect Cancerians to share their own experiences so easily, for they tend to keep very personal matters to themselves. However, in acute need they can become quite dependent on your support.

Cancer Positive Characteristics:

  • tenacious
  • kind
  • shrewd and intuitive
  • compassionate
  • good memory
  • helpful and caring
  • protective and domesticated
  • sensitive to need

Cancer Negative Characteristics:

  • possessive
  • too easily hurt
  • moody
  • crabby*
  • selfish
  • manipulative
  • overpowering
  • holds on to insults

Ruling Planet and its effect. The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Cancerian influence will absorb and accurately reflect every emotion that is experienced.

Sex With Cancer. Love and sex are synonymous to the typical Cancer, as are love and marriage. The Cancerian does not want a complicated sex life. The place where a Cancerian makes love must be secure and help him or her to relax. Cancer tends to dramatize love and can become very strongly attached to someone who never intended to make a commitment and therefore cannot reciprocate their feelings. Still, sex can be enjoyable with Cancer. As long as they are getting a fair amount of what they really like, they are generally up for pleasing you and being responsive to your needs. They also have a tendency in this area toward self-sacrifice, but beware that this doesn’t eventually develop into self-pity and resentment, for it will eventually boomerang. In extreme cases Cancer can make themselves very unhappy and not always be fully aware of the situation, particularly when they have idealized their partner or the realtionship from the outset.

Relationships. Cancer doesn’t take relationships and emotional matters lightly. Cancers are capable of pretending to have a good time and of fooling around without feeling anything deeply. But when they fall, they fall hard. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a Cancer must realize that Cancer will want to be the dominant partner and will expect total devotion. Given this, the person who partners Cancer can expect consideration, prosperity, and a strong sense of belonging to family or company. The contented Cancer will never let the partner down. Cancer man as a partner- He will want a partner who nurture him and take care of all deomestic details, makiing sure he has a comfortable nest to return to after a day’s work. In marriage or business, he will want others around him. If the marriage proves to be childless, adoption or fostering are likely. A business is itself seen a sa family. He will not usually enjoy working freelance. Cancer woman as a partner- She will seek a partner as soon as she leaves the parental house –  someone who will luxurate in her protective caring. She will devote herself completely to the partner, even taking subtle control of him or her. In business, she will be an excellent manager. A Cancer woman will want a family, and if denied the joy of children will acquire a household full of animals instead. The Cancer wife is never a dependent when it comes to earning money. She will take a job outside the home to enhance the family’s financial security.

Leisure Activities. Not fond of heavy exercise, Cancer may join clubs or causes that allow an outlet for making complaints and putting their nurturing instincts to good use. Consumer affairs rouse their interest, and they will follow popular interest in the arts.

Cancer Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • anyone who loves their mother
  • sentimental and family keepsakes
  • gourmet food
  • shopping trips
  • history,especially family genealogy
  • flowers
  • birthday card on the right day
  • physical contact
  • a calm, working atmosphere

Cancer Dislikes –

  • any tiny criticism of the home
  • having to handle a crisis
  • anyone who refuses their cooking
  • people who forget names and dates

Cancer At Rest. Extending the metaphor of Cancer as the cardinal water sign, it follows that emotion in action is the key to understanding how Cancer relaxes. Althouth they do enjoy lounging around, preferably on or near water, they are at their most relaxed when their buy emotional sensors are satisfied by being surrounded by the warmth of a contented family atmosphere.

Famous Cancer:

  • J.-J. Rousseau- June 28, 1712- Bad-tempered, unsociable, misanthropic, quarrelsome, clinically paranoid French philosopher, who introduced the idea of the noble savage amd the degeneracy of “culture”; unabashed by contradiction, he championed the rights of children, but put his own five little children into an orphanage.
  • Marcel Proust- July 10, 1871- Strange, wealthy, reclusive French writer who cocooned himself in a soundproof apartment in Paris, speny his days in bed and his nights working, and took 12 years to write a seven-volume novel all about retrieving the past.
  • Edward Hooper- July 22, 1882- American artist, who not only saw the infinite blackness that surrounds us and makes our every gesture futile, but painted it. Angst on canvas.
  • Franz Kafka- July 3, 1883- Czech insurance broker, better known as the author of celebrated works of fear, paranoia, alienation, hopelessness, and nameless dread. Picking up a potential girlfriend, he winnigly described himself as “fretful, mealncholy, untalkative, dissatisfied, and sicky”.

Gemini-The Twins(May 21-June 20)

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 Gemini is a masculine mutable Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the third sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Sagittarius, and is named for the constellation Gemini (the twins). On the darkside, this makes you an unrelaible, roguish sociopath with a light finger and the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly.

 – Personality – *feckless, reckless, two-faced* Inside anyone who has strong Gemini influences is a person who secretly longs to find his or her true soulmate, the nysterious twin who will make the Gemini feel complete. The more self-aware Geminis will realize in maturity that the wholeness they seek is to be found within, by gathering together their many parts, especially the earthy twins with the spiritual twin. Few people listening to a confident Gemini talk with that quicksilver, pucklike charm would ever imagine that the inner Gemini is often feeling desperatly alone and lost.  Communicatio is a lifeline to Gemini. Contact through words, ideas, gossip, or philosophy makes Gemini a happy, inspiring, and devoted person.

Gemini Positive Characteristics:

  • inquistive
  • entertaining and charming
  • versatile
  • liberal, broad minded
  • youthful
  • quick
  • stimulating
  • inventive
  • never prejudiced

Gemini Negative Characteristics:

  • restless
  • quickly bored
  • impractical
  • impatient and irritable
  • gossipy
  • fickle
  • manipulative
  • dual personality
  • noncommittal

Ruling Planet and its effect. Mercury rules the zodiac sign of Gemini, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Gemini influence will tend to be on the go, moving to and from with many messages like the fleet-footed Mercury of Mythology, who was the eloquent messenger of gods.

Sex With Gemini. When a typical Gemini makes love it is often a drive to express all their pent-up emotions at once. Geminis seek variety in love and enjoy surprises and plenty oflight-hearted romance. Geminis are often not interested in sex for its own sake; they want more from a partner, even in a short relationship, such as companionship and warmth. Love and sex belong together in the eyes of Gemini. Geminis are generally easily turned on and easily satisfied. They can show all kinds of kinky interest, love to experiment, and have a fascination for a kaleidoscope of sexual activities ranging from a broaf Kama Sutra platte to S&M. You can think of Gemini lovers as kids in a candy store or monkeys in a banana tree. The most erogenous zone of a typical Gemini is the mind. Talk excites, while silence turns off the Gemini. When it comes to having a secret love affair with a Gemini, expect a fleeting though intense involvement. Gemini needs to talk about things that happen to them, they are unlikely to be willing or able to keep things secret.

Relationships. Gemini first dates are up for almost anything. Not easily shocked, these mutable partners are trully interested in what you like to do. Geminis love to entertain and be entertained. Going out dancing, club hopping, or to a movie can be fun. The person who contempltes becoming the marriage or business partner of a Gemini must realize that Gemini has probably already had more than one partner and will not stay long with a person who either clings or dominates. Given this, the person who partners a Gemini can expect the talents of at least six people wrapped up in the one Gemini. Gemini man as a partner- He will want a partner who will never attempt to dominate him, nor bore him with endless personal problems. He will be drawn either to someone who will help him climb the professional or social ladder, or a person who will stimulate him with bright ideas. Because he loves to travel, he will be delighted bya partner who will travel with him –  or accept his absences without question. Gemini woman as a partner – She will be attracted to a person who can give her emotional security so that she can relax and enjoy expressing her many talents and her “multipersonality”. Often the partnership will be short-lived because the restless Gemini nature always wants to be on the move. Many partners fail to understand the need of the mercurial butterfly to have a partner who will fly with her, helping her to find the place she trully desires.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Geminis like communication, such as conversation, radio, television, telephone, letter writing, sending postcards, and faxes. On the whole, Geminis pursue “light sports”-bowling, tennis, darts, etc., travelling, crosswords, newspapers, public speaking, learning and using languages.

Gemini Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • being free to move around
  • the excitement of travel
  • talking
  • telephones, gadgets, instant food
  • acting as devil’s advocate
  • doing several things at once
  • knowledge, information
  • acting quickly on decisions
  • compnay; being among people
  • getting to the bottom of things

Gemini Dislikes –

  • listening to endless complaints
  • regimentation
  • not knowing what’s going on
  • wasting time
  • being kept waiting
  • being defeated
  • fixed ideas
  • having to concentrate on onle one thing for a long time

Gemini At Rest. There is no such animal as Gemini at rest. Even when apparently relaxed by a winter’s fire after playing in the snow with children all afternoon, the Gemini mind will be at work, inventing a new gadget to make, thinking up a new idea, working over a problem, or rehearsing a conversation to be held with a colleague.

Famous Gemini:

  • Paul Gauguin -June 7, 1848- Impressionist painter who dumped a sensible day job as a Parisian stockbroker, abandoned his family, and ran away to the South Seas to paint gorgeous Tahitian lovelies. Died romantically amid poverty and disease.
  • Jean-Paul Sarte– June 20, 1905- French philosopher who built a whole doctrine on the idea that you could choose who, what, and how you wanted to be, and thus change roles every day. Constantly searching for new ways to be free. A formidable womanizer despite looking like a squashed toad.
  • Errol Flynn-  June 20, 1909- Handsome, hard drinking, hard living Hollywood hellraiser, adored by women, envied by men; a notorious sex machine and career swaschbuckler, he died at 50, but didn’t stay pretty.
  • Che Guevara- June 14, 1928- Revolutionary poster boy and thorn in the side of US imperialism, Che was born wealthy in Argentina, but got restless and traveled all over South America on a Norton 500 motorbike. After helping Castro establish Cuba, he moved on to help liberate Bolivia, but was shot dead in 1967.