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Detailed information about all 12 zodiac signs. Compatibality, characteristics, and ideal career matches.

About My Site May 4, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

I am very excited to share all my discoveries, researches, and fun experiences with you guys!

I fell in love with Astrology when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have been doing lots of intense researches and experiments. For many years I was intrigued by different zodiac signs, compatibality, career path, love matches and even health issues. Now, I have created this site to gather everyone like you and I to exchange information, leave comments and try to enjoy learning about ourselves. Let’s get started. XD

Information sources for this website:

Goldschneider, Gary. Everyday Astrology. Philadelphia, 2009.

Hyde, Stella. Darkside Zodiac. Boston, 2004.

Little Giant Encyclopedia. The Zodiac. New York, 1997.

….AND my beautiful brain! XD


2 Responses to “About My Site”

  1. khoai Says:

    i think ur site is interesting 🙂

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