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Best cafe in Vancouver April 30, 2013

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Thiery Macarons

Thiery Macarons

Okay, this one was hard for me to decide. However, so far I have to say that Thiery (I will post their link at the end of my review) meets MY demands.

For a while I was trying to find that one place where I’d like to bring my friends, or even go have something sweet on my own. I am so over those overcrowded Starbucks, Tim’s, and Waves – there are everywhere and their food taste almost the same to me! That doesn’t mean that I don’t find them good; I just wanted to find something new and different.

I was Googling ‘macarons’ the very tasty French cookies (I actually created my own recipe in case someone wants to try them out) and I came across Thierry place, which is 5 minutes walk from the Burrard Station.

I can call myself their regular customer since I do buy their cakes for birthdays, macarons and various pastries.

So….. I got this so far:


  • daily freshly baked goods
  • relatively affordable for what you are getting
  • macarons are awesome and on good deals
  • great hours
  • cake order on Large and X-Large cakes is only 48 hours!

  • always crowded
  • their customer service could be far better
  • their Large cake ‘Chocolate Marquise’ is much smaller compared to other cakes of that size
  • their macaron feeling is always buttercream!
  • their most popular macarons and cakes always run low 😦

so far I’d give them 4.5/5!

My fav macarons : lychee, vanilla, and lemon

My fav cakes : black forest, chocolate trio, and chocolate marquise

Check them out!!!


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