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Scorpio-The Scorpion(October 23-November 22) May 5, 2011

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 Scorpio is a feminine, fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto. It is the eighth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Taurus, and is named for the constellation Scorpio (the scorpion). On the darkisde, this makes you an obsessive, possessive manipulator with an unquenchable lust for power and a penchant for degredation.

 -Personality- *intense, ruthless, domineering* Inside anyone who has strong Scorpio influences is a person who is intractable and impenetrable, so the secret Scorpio usually remains a secret. All Scorpios like to keep their true nature as hidden as possible. Astrologically, Scorpio is set to be at one or other of three stages of evolution. A “Stage 1” Scorpio exercises power through emotion and instinct. This Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion, an insect more likely, in the end, to sting itself then others. The “Stage 2” type exercises power through the intellect. This Scorpio is symbolized bu the golden eagle – a bird that source higher than any other. The final stage of evolution, Scorpio exercises power through love. This Scorpio is symbolized by the dove of peace.


Scorpio Positive Characteristics:

  • self critical
  • penetrating
  • investigative
  • passionatly caring
  • protective
  • tenatious
  • magnetic
  • dynamic

Scorpio Negative Characteristics:

  • self destructive
  • ruthless
  • overbearing
  • suspicious
  • jealous
  • possessive
  • dangerous

Ruling Planet and its effect. Both Mars and Pluto rule the zodiac sign of Scorpio, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Scorpio influence will tend to have two drives – one influenced by tha battling energy of Mars and the other by the hidden depth of Pluto. In Astrology, Mars is the planet of aggresion, and Pluto is the planet of magnetic forces.

Sex With Scorpio. When a typical Scorpio makes love, it is an expression of all the pent-up passion that is hidden inside this most magnetic of personalities. Sex is an important eliment of life to a Scorpio. Indeed, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that indicates the gretest interest in sexual matters as in other areas of life, Scorpio are liable to be both inventive and single minded –  but for most Scorpios, sex is very much an expression of love.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Scorpio must realize that Scorpio will expect to dominate the partnership. Given this, the person who partners Scorpio can expect unwavering loyalty, hard work, and passion drive to succeed –  whether in business or marriage. Scorpio man as a partner- In business, Scorpio man will inevitably be in charge of the partnership that is most likely to have initiated the terms of agreement. A Scorpio who accpets orders from a partner is doing so for particular reason. For example, if money or future progress are the reward, Scorpio will appear to accpet even a subordinat position for as long as it takes to achieve the results he wants. Scorpio will be proud of his partner and his partner’s skills, and he will go out of his way to enable the partner to achieve ambitions too. Scorpio woman as a partner- Scorpio woman is often even more suble than her male counterpart. She happily accepts the subordinate role and plays this part well. Again, however, this is only so that she can achieve her ambitioun at the end. Like her male counterpart, she will be loyal to the partner and do everything to help the parnter. Scorpios can work very hard, and they often provide the dynamic qualities to the business. It is unlikely that Scorpio and the partner will have equal footing. The Scorpio will, in reality, have an edge on the partner – but only in ways that the Scorpio sees will be helpful to the joint venture. Scorpio shrewdness is a vital asset in any partnership.

Leisure Activities. Finding out how things work, taking something apart and reconstructing it, or delving into the mysteries of the human mind are all of interests to Scorpios, who also enjoy of variety of sports. Winning is important.

Scorpio Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • activity
  • mysteries
  • secrets
  • winning
  • sex
  • being acknowledged
  • home

Scorpio Dislikes –

  • being analyzed
  • being asked personal questions
  • people who know more than they do
  • too many compliments
  • having to trust a stranger

Scorpio at rest. Scorpios often find it hard to relax. Some Scorpios will even avoid situations where they can relax. When on vacation, they often seem to have a small accident or minor illness in the first days.

Famous Scorpios:

  • Fiodor Dostoevskiy- October 30, 1821- Dark, bruting Russiam writer, military engineer, and gambling addict, who was sentanced to death, but repreived.
  • Bram Stocker- November 8, 1847- Dark, bruting Irish civil servant, theatrical impressarior, and writer.
  • Pablo Picasso- October 25, 1881- Dark, bruting Spanish artist, the passionate, prolific, seminal shaping spirit of 20th century art.
  • Dylan Thomas –October 27, 1914- Dark, bruting Welsh poet, perminantly steeped in liquor.



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