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Pisces-The Fishes(February 19-March 20) May 5, 2011

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 Pisces is a feminine, mutable Water sign ruled by Neptune. It is the twelfth sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Virgo, and is named for cosntellation Pisces (the fishes). On the darkside, this makes you a slippery, manipulative, unreliable reality-dodger with delusions of adequacy and an addiction to sentimentality and self-destruction.

 – Personality – *confused, chaotic, contradictory* Anyone who has strong Pisces influences is a person who has perhaps the most extreme choices of any zodiac sign. Pisces can accept the challanges of life and rise to the top, or can give in to the easy way of oblivion and sink to the bottom. This choice is symbolized by the two fishes. To help him or her swim to the top, the Pisces must find peace through beauty, music, and harmony. The Pisces needs work which will enable him or her to achieve this. More than any other sign, Pisces has many talents which may be used to develop their character. Many work hard to improve the lot of humanity. Others bring their talents to films and entertainment, envlivening the lives  of thousands. Pisces needs to turn his or her private, mystical dream world of love and compassion into a reality. The only other option for Pisces is a life of illusion and, ultimately, a sense of failure.

Pisces Postive Characteristics:

  • creative
  • mystical
  • understanding of others
  • loving and cariing
  • shy
  • helpful
  • romantic
  • trusting

Pisces Negative Characteristics:

  • depressive
  • tends to blame self for everything
  • too emotionally involved with the problems of others
  • can loose touch with reality
  • dependent
  • escapist

Ruling Planet and its effect. Jupiter and Neptune rule the zodiac sign of Pisces, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Pisces influence will tend to bring benefit to others through their sensitivity. In Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansions, optimism, and geneorosity. Neptune is the lanet of dreams, sensitivity, the unconscious, and the wolrd of unreality.

Sex With Pisces. When a typical Pisces makes love it is an act of romance rather than of carnal pleasure. Typical Pisces is less interested in sexual activity than in the expressions of love that come before and afterward. Pisces energy is more often used up in the emotional experiences of love than in the sexual act. This does not mean Pisces is not interested, indeed he or she may seek several partners, but this is for reassurance rather than personal pleasure. Pisces can be the least prejudiced and most compassionate of all zodiac signs. Pisces will show a deep and real love for a partner who has problems or physical abnormalities, or who has to face a tragedy or business disaster. Sex will be one pf the expressios of love given by a caring and devoted Pisces sposuse.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Pisces must realize that Pisces will expect to be supported – emotionally or financially. Given this, the person who partners Pisces can expect loyalty and sensitive understanding. Pisces man as a partner- He will want a partner who will work for him: someone to run the household efficiently and who will entertain his friends and business colleagues. In return, the married Pisces will bring great joy to a household with his wonderful imagination. Marriage gives male Pisces more self-assurance, so he will become more decisive. Potential business partners should be prepared to undertake the practical, administrative side of the business, leaving the Pisces partner free to exercisee their creativity and understanding. Pisces woman as a partner– She will want a marriage partner who will support her in every respect. To many men, Pisces is the perfectly feminine woman. She may appear to be a helpless, fluffy person but, once married, she will feel secure, and her reserve of talents and abilities will pour out in every direction. In business, a Pisces woman will be best in creative positions and in public relations, but should not be expected to do the routine office jobs.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Pisces love artistic pursuits and anything that has an element of mystery, fantasy, and imagination. Pisces love films,theatres, travelling,  and mythical creatures.

Pisces Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • seafood, organic food and champaigne
  • being loved
  • privacy
  • new books
  • diamonds
  • people who need their understanding
  • background music, poetry
  • romantic places

Pisces Dislikes –

  • bright, noisy, crowded places
  • dirty, ugly objects
  • stiff clothing
  • being told to get a grip on things

Pisces at rest. A relaxed Pisces is the happiest person on earth. A chance to lie back, sip wine, listen to music and let the imagination wander is perfect bliss to Pisces.

Famous Pisces:

  • Adolf Eichmann- March 19, 1906- Hitler worshiper, and architect of the Final Solution, the Nazi plan to exterminate all Jewish people in Europe.
  • L. Ron Hubbard- March 13, 1911- Successful writer.
  • Lou Reed- March 2, 1943- Survivor and musiciaan.
  • Kurt Cobain- February 20, 1967- Hypersensitive Nirvana frontman who lost himself in gloom, grunge, and sickness, despite being an object of adoration.

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