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Aquarius-The Water Carrier(January 20-February 18) May 5, 2011

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 Aquarius is a masculine, fixed Air sign ruled by Uranus. It is the eleventh sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Leo, and is named for the constellation Aquarius (the water carrier). On the darkside, this makes you a chilly, detached, eccentric loner, with perverse voyeuristic habits and a shard of ice in your heart.

 – Personality- *aloof, arrogant, alien* Inside anyone who has strong Aquarius influences is a person who is extremely uncertain of his or her true identity. The Aquarius ego is said to be the most precarious in the zodiac, probably because Aquarius is the sign of nonconformity. Intellectual genius, practical eccentricity and mental oddity are all linked with Aquarius. The typical Aquarius personality has a magnetic and powerful intellect. Putting this to good, practical use is the best way for Aquarius to build an identifiable ego. Aquarius tend to be very modern, forward-looking individuals who are not only unusual themselves but can accept this quality in others.

Aquarius Positive Characteristics:

  • loyal friendship
  • strong belief in humane reforms
  • scientific
  • inventive
  • intense interest in people
  • communicative
  • independence of thought and action
  • cooperative
  • dependable

Aquarius Negative Characterstics:

  • unwilling to share ideas
  • tactless and rude
  • voyeuristic curiosity about people
  • self-interested
  • eccentric
  • lack of confidence

Ruling Planet and its effect. Uranus and Saturn both rule the zodiac sign of Aquarius, so anyone whose birth chart has a strongly developed Aquarius influence will tend to have original, unexpected ideas. In Astrology, Uranus is the planet of the unusual and the unexpected, and Saturn is the planet of applied wisdom and forward planning.

Sex With Aquarius. When a typical Aquarius makes love it is more of intellectual experience than an emotional one. He or she will be most assiduous about hygiene and contraception. Aquarius is likely to do a lot of self-searching, but may not find it easy to listen to the partner’s emotional problems. Aquarius partners often have verbal quarrels which seem to take the place of physical contact. Affairs do not seem to bother Aquarius, and they are rarely jealous. Many Aquarius make much better friends than lovers. Sometimes, Aquarius can be rather modest about sex –  even prudish.

Relationships. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Aquarius must realize that Aquarius will need to have unlimited freedom. Aquarius will also want to dominate the partnership in order to ensure his or her interests in the wider world are not restricted. Given this, the person who partners Aquarius can expect loyalty, a fair share of the work, and never to have the business taken away from them. Although, Aquarius has no great driving ambition, the typical aquarius has a very fiine mind (one of the best in the zodiac) and can be an asset to any venture. If fame comes their way, the Aquarius partner will happily lap it up. Aquarius man as a partner- He will want a partner who rrecognizes the ideas and inventiveness that he can bring to the business and who allow him the freedom to introduce new concepts. Business partners contemplating asking an Aquarius to join them should first ensure that he has enough knowledge about the business. Aquarius man wants a marriage partner who will run the home and children and be loyal, lifelong friend. He wants a woman who is capable of looking after herslef and who will not need to lean on him. A woman who wants a good income from a steady breadwinner should look elsewhere. Aquarius woman as a partner- So long as she is left to circulate freely among many friends and pursue her dozens of outside interests, Aquarius woman will be a faithful partner. Althouth she can be tender and caring, she inhabits a world of ideas. She needs a partner who recognizes her brilliant mind. In business or marriage, Aquarius woman will be concerned that her partner is recognized for his intellectual achievements; she is far less interested in makiing money. She will enjoy physical closeness, but will also be happy with long periods when the relationship remains relatively platonic.

Leisure Activities. On the whole, Aquarius will pursue the following: radical arts and theatre, music, witty comedy, gliding, and a lot more.

Aquarius Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • fame or recognition
  • credit cards
  • telling others what needs to be done
  • living within their means
  • privacy
  • changes and surprises
  • thinking about self

Aquarius Dislikes-

  • emotion and intimacy
  • people who show off
  • extravagance
  • violence and fighting
  • being taken for grante

Aquarius At Rest. Any opportunity to lie in a hammock in the garden and dream the day away is wonderful for Aquarius’s well-being.

Famous Aquarius:

  • Lord George Byron- January 22, 1788- Eccentric British poet; died fighting in the Greek War of Independence.
  • Eva Braun- February 6, 1912- Hitler’s mistress, she chose to spend most of her time alone in Hitler’s isolated alpine retreat.
  • James Dean- February 8, 1931- Achingly cool. moody screen supericon, died at age of 24.
  • David Lynch- January 20, 1946- Mysterious, eccentric independent film-maker and artist.

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