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Leo-The Lion(Jule 23-August 22) May 4, 2011

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 Leo is a masculine, fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Aquarius, and is named for the constellation Leo ( the lion). On the darkside, this makes a vain, arrogant, condescending, solipsist with imperial longings and in all-pervasive addiction to unconditional sychophancy.

 – Personality- *bossy, boastful, bombastic* Inside anyone who has a strong Leo influences is a person who wants to be on top. Potential competitors should remember this. Leo is not interested in winning, but in being a king or queen of a particular castle. Privately, the typical Leo craves love more than anyone would ever guess. Love, adoration, appreciation, recognition: these are what keep Leos generous, fun-loving nature, burning brightly. While typical Leos may appear to be confident, especially when they take central stage in the lime light, they have secret doubts about their true worth and may seriously undervalue themselves.

Leo Positive Characteristics:

  • honesty and royalty
  • sunny disposition
  • a sense of dignity
  • pride in the home
  • attractive liveliness
  • friendly and kind

Leo Negative Characteristics:

  • stubborn
  • arrogant
  • sulkiness
  • smugness
  • indifference or uncaring attitude
  • tendency to take undercredit

Ruling Planet and its effect. The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Leo influence may expect things in life to orbit around them. In Astrology, the Sun is the life giver and a source of creativity.

Sex With Leo. When a typical Leo makes love it is regarded as a many-splended thing. In fact, Leos can often forget about their partners as they wonder through their personal, playful world of lovemaking. Leos are unrestrained lovers and can make the partner feel very special. Any idea of failure is alien to both male and female Leos. If sexual problems arise, a typical Leo is mortified and often will not seek the help that is needed. The sexual partner is also required to be a friend. In fact, the Leo wants love, sex, and friednship from his or her spouse or lover. Leos tend to be sexually oriented, so they will generally expect sex of a high quality, which takes into account their special needs and wants.

Relationship. Leos are legendary for making excellent friends. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a typical Leo must realize that Leo will believe that he or she is superior in some way or other. Given this, the person who partners A Leo can expect warmth, loyalty, support, generousity, and undying devotion. Only lazy, foolish Leos look for a partner who will worship them. Leo man as a partner- He will want a partner who enhances his own image and who enjoys being in a spotlight as much as he does. The partner must be good-looking but should not outshine Leo himself. Leo man wants a marriage partner who will place him at the head of the table and believe in his dreams. She will be a woman of good manners who will never do anything to tarnish her own, and therefore his, reputation and she will be a devoted mother to their children. Leo woman as a parnter- The typical Leo woman looks for a partner who will install her as queen of the whole neighbourhood. He must provide her with a house she can make into a welcoming place, where she can entertain with enthusiasm and generous hospitality. With the right partner, the lady Leo will rise in social status due to her to boundless strenght and persistance. Consequently, her light will shine on her partner too. Leo woman will take the responsibility of motherhood in her stride and will expect her partner to be as devoted to the children as she is.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Leos like to follow an exercise routine. Done sensibly, this will strenghten any weak points. As Leos always want to be outstanding inanything they do, they should beware of overdoing exercise – it may make them volnurable to stress reactions.


  • activity
  • anything that promises pleasure
  • being creative
  • beauitfuly wrapped personalized gifts
  • silks, satins, gold
  • receiving things

Leo Dislikes –

  • physical pain
  • being ignored
  • being back stage
  • lies
  • being laughed at

Leo At Rest. Extending the metaphor of Leo as a fixed Fire sign, it follows that the fire in the great will sometimes burn brightly and be a center of warmth and delight to everyone who gathers around it. However, fires do go out and have to be relit. So it is with typical Leo energy. The Leo will sometimes need to rest, relax, and have cat naps.

Famous Leos:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte– August 15, 1769-  From a standing start as a tiny Corsican nobody, Napoleon clawed his way to the top to become emperor of France; he really did have a plan for world domination.
  • Benito Mussolini- July 29, 1883- Proclaimed himself II Duce of the one party fascist government in Italy in 1922. Democracy- who needs it! But it all ended in tears in 1945 at the end of WW II when he was murdered by his own countryman.
  • Fidel Castro- August 13, 1926- Premier of Cuba, which he took over in 1959 and has kept an iron grip on ever since. Often mistakenlydescribed as a revolutionary, when he is just an old fashioned king.
  • Madonna- August 16, 1958- Globally worshiped international superstar, film star, actress, style icon, children’s author, and hard-nosed business person, Madonna is the epitome of blonde ambiton, queen of showbiz jungle.

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