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Gemini-The Twins(May 21-June 20) May 4, 2011

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 Gemini is a masculine mutable Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. It is the third sign on the zodiac wheel, directly opposite Sagittarius, and is named for the constellation Gemini (the twins). On the darkside, this makes you an unrelaible, roguish sociopath with a light finger and the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly.

 – Personality – *feckless, reckless, two-faced* Inside anyone who has strong Gemini influences is a person who secretly longs to find his or her true soulmate, the nysterious twin who will make the Gemini feel complete. The more self-aware Geminis will realize in maturity that the wholeness they seek is to be found within, by gathering together their many parts, especially the earthy twins with the spiritual twin. Few people listening to a confident Gemini talk with that quicksilver, pucklike charm would ever imagine that the inner Gemini is often feeling desperatly alone and lost.  Communicatio is a lifeline to Gemini. Contact through words, ideas, gossip, or philosophy makes Gemini a happy, inspiring, and devoted person.

Gemini Positive Characteristics:

  • inquistive
  • entertaining and charming
  • versatile
  • liberal, broad minded
  • youthful
  • quick
  • stimulating
  • inventive
  • never prejudiced

Gemini Negative Characteristics:

  • restless
  • quickly bored
  • impractical
  • impatient and irritable
  • gossipy
  • fickle
  • manipulative
  • dual personality
  • noncommittal

Ruling Planet and its effect. Mercury rules the zodiac sign of Gemini, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Gemini influence will tend to be on the go, moving to and from with many messages like the fleet-footed Mercury of Mythology, who was the eloquent messenger of gods.

Sex With Gemini. When a typical Gemini makes love it is often a drive to express all their pent-up emotions at once. Geminis seek variety in love and enjoy surprises and plenty oflight-hearted romance. Geminis are often not interested in sex for its own sake; they want more from a partner, even in a short relationship, such as companionship and warmth. Love and sex belong together in the eyes of Gemini. Geminis are generally easily turned on and easily satisfied. They can show all kinds of kinky interest, love to experiment, and have a fascination for a kaleidoscope of sexual activities ranging from a broaf Kama Sutra platte to S&M. You can think of Gemini lovers as kids in a candy store or monkeys in a banana tree. The most erogenous zone of a typical Gemini is the mind. Talk excites, while silence turns off the Gemini. When it comes to having a secret love affair with a Gemini, expect a fleeting though intense involvement. Gemini needs to talk about things that happen to them, they are unlikely to be willing or able to keep things secret.

Relationships. Gemini first dates are up for almost anything. Not easily shocked, these mutable partners are trully interested in what you like to do. Geminis love to entertain and be entertained. Going out dancing, club hopping, or to a movie can be fun. The person who contempltes becoming the marriage or business partner of a Gemini must realize that Gemini has probably already had more than one partner and will not stay long with a person who either clings or dominates. Given this, the person who partners a Gemini can expect the talents of at least six people wrapped up in the one Gemini. Gemini man as a partner- He will want a partner who will never attempt to dominate him, nor bore him with endless personal problems. He will be drawn either to someone who will help him climb the professional or social ladder, or a person who will stimulate him with bright ideas. Because he loves to travel, he will be delighted bya partner who will travel with him –  or accept his absences without question. Gemini woman as a partner – She will be attracted to a person who can give her emotional security so that she can relax and enjoy expressing her many talents and her “multipersonality”. Often the partnership will be short-lived because the restless Gemini nature always wants to be on the move. Many partners fail to understand the need of the mercurial butterfly to have a partner who will fly with her, helping her to find the place she trully desires.

Leisure Activities. Most typical Geminis like communication, such as conversation, radio, television, telephone, letter writing, sending postcards, and faxes. On the whole, Geminis pursue “light sports”-bowling, tennis, darts, etc., travelling, crosswords, newspapers, public speaking, learning and using languages.

Gemini Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • being free to move around
  • the excitement of travel
  • talking
  • telephones, gadgets, instant food
  • acting as devil’s advocate
  • doing several things at once
  • knowledge, information
  • acting quickly on decisions
  • compnay; being among people
  • getting to the bottom of things

Gemini Dislikes –

  • listening to endless complaints
  • regimentation
  • not knowing what’s going on
  • wasting time
  • being kept waiting
  • being defeated
  • fixed ideas
  • having to concentrate on onle one thing for a long time

Gemini At Rest. There is no such animal as Gemini at rest. Even when apparently relaxed by a winter’s fire after playing in the snow with children all afternoon, the Gemini mind will be at work, inventing a new gadget to make, thinking up a new idea, working over a problem, or rehearsing a conversation to be held with a colleague.

Famous Gemini:

  • Paul Gauguin -June 7, 1848- Impressionist painter who dumped a sensible day job as a Parisian stockbroker, abandoned his family, and ran away to the South Seas to paint gorgeous Tahitian lovelies. Died romantically amid poverty and disease.
  • Jean-Paul Sarte– June 20, 1905- French philosopher who built a whole doctrine on the idea that you could choose who, what, and how you wanted to be, and thus change roles every day. Constantly searching for new ways to be free. A formidable womanizer despite looking like a squashed toad.
  • Errol Flynn-  June 20, 1909- Handsome, hard drinking, hard living Hollywood hellraiser, adored by women, envied by men; a notorious sex machine and career swaschbuckler, he died at 50, but didn’t stay pretty.
  • Che Guevara- June 14, 1928- Revolutionary poster boy and thorn in the side of US imperialism, Che was born wealthy in Argentina, but got restless and traveled all over South America on a Norton 500 motorbike. After helping Castro establish Cuba, he moved on to help liberate Bolivia, but was shot dead in 1967.

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