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Cancer-The Crab(June 21-July 22) May 4, 2011

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 Cancer is a feminine, cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon. It is the fourth sign on the zodiac wheel. directly opposite Capricorn, and is named for the constellation Cancer (the crab). On the darkside, this makes you a grumpy, secretive, passive-aggressive grudge-hoarder, with bipolar mood swings and a positive genius for pointless worrying.

 – Personality – *graceless, gloomy, grudge-encrusted* Inside anyone who has strong Cancerian influences is a person who was very shy when young and who still tends to use a hard outer shell in defense against what are perceived as hurts from other people. The most vulnerable part of Cancerian personality is an inner fear of nameless dangers that often reduce a wonderful dream to a pessimistic worry. The fear is of becoming lost in the dark of outer space. This indefinale fear of insecurity is often what drives the typucal Cancerian personality to invest much time and effort in activities which will enhance a feeling of security and self-preservation. Although Cancerians can make excellnt friends, they are likely to want to hve you allto themselves and not share you with other mutual friends. Never expect Cancerians to share their own experiences so easily, for they tend to keep very personal matters to themselves. However, in acute need they can become quite dependent on your support.

Cancer Positive Characteristics:

  • tenacious
  • kind
  • shrewd and intuitive
  • compassionate
  • good memory
  • helpful and caring
  • protective and domesticated
  • sensitive to need

Cancer Negative Characteristics:

  • possessive
  • too easily hurt
  • moody
  • crabby*
  • selfish
  • manipulative
  • overpowering
  • holds on to insults

Ruling Planet and its effect. The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, so anyone whose birth chart has a strong Cancerian influence will absorb and accurately reflect every emotion that is experienced.

Sex With Cancer. Love and sex are synonymous to the typical Cancer, as are love and marriage. The Cancerian does not want a complicated sex life. The place where a Cancerian makes love must be secure and help him or her to relax. Cancer tends to dramatize love and can become very strongly attached to someone who never intended to make a commitment and therefore cannot reciprocate their feelings. Still, sex can be enjoyable with Cancer. As long as they are getting a fair amount of what they really like, they are generally up for pleasing you and being responsive to your needs. They also have a tendency in this area toward self-sacrifice, but beware that this doesn’t eventually develop into self-pity and resentment, for it will eventually boomerang. In extreme cases Cancer can make themselves very unhappy and not always be fully aware of the situation, particularly when they have idealized their partner or the realtionship from the outset.

Relationships. Cancer doesn’t take relationships and emotional matters lightly. Cancers are capable of pretending to have a good time and of fooling around without feeling anything deeply. But when they fall, they fall hard. The person who contemplates becoming the marriage or business partner of a Cancer must realize that Cancer will want to be the dominant partner and will expect total devotion. Given this, the person who partners Cancer can expect consideration, prosperity, and a strong sense of belonging to family or company. The contented Cancer will never let the partner down. Cancer man as a partner- He will want a partner who nurture him and take care of all deomestic details, makiing sure he has a comfortable nest to return to after a day’s work. In marriage or business, he will want others around him. If the marriage proves to be childless, adoption or fostering are likely. A business is itself seen a sa family. He will not usually enjoy working freelance. Cancer woman as a partner- She will seek a partner as soon as she leaves the parental house –  someone who will luxurate in her protective caring. She will devote herself completely to the partner, even taking subtle control of him or her. In business, she will be an excellent manager. A Cancer woman will want a family, and if denied the joy of children will acquire a household full of animals instead. The Cancer wife is never a dependent when it comes to earning money. She will take a job outside the home to enhance the family’s financial security.

Leisure Activities. Not fond of heavy exercise, Cancer may join clubs or causes that allow an outlet for making complaints and putting their nurturing instincts to good use. Consumer affairs rouse their interest, and they will follow popular interest in the arts.

Cancer Likes + GIFT IDEAS AND TIPS +

  • anyone who loves their mother
  • sentimental and family keepsakes
  • gourmet food
  • shopping trips
  • history,especially family genealogy
  • flowers
  • birthday card on the right day
  • physical contact
  • a calm, working atmosphere

Cancer Dislikes –

  • any tiny criticism of the home
  • having to handle a crisis
  • anyone who refuses their cooking
  • people who forget names and dates

Cancer At Rest. Extending the metaphor of Cancer as the cardinal water sign, it follows that emotion in action is the key to understanding how Cancer relaxes. Althouth they do enjoy lounging around, preferably on or near water, they are at their most relaxed when their buy emotional sensors are satisfied by being surrounded by the warmth of a contented family atmosphere.

Famous Cancer:

  • J.-J. Rousseau- June 28, 1712- Bad-tempered, unsociable, misanthropic, quarrelsome, clinically paranoid French philosopher, who introduced the idea of the noble savage amd the degeneracy of “culture”; unabashed by contradiction, he championed the rights of children, but put his own five little children into an orphanage.
  • Marcel Proust- July 10, 1871- Strange, wealthy, reclusive French writer who cocooned himself in a soundproof apartment in Paris, speny his days in bed and his nights working, and took 12 years to write a seven-volume novel all about retrieving the past.
  • Edward Hooper- July 22, 1882- American artist, who not only saw the infinite blackness that surrounds us and makes our every gesture futile, but painted it. Angst on canvas.
  • Franz Kafka- July 3, 1883- Czech insurance broker, better known as the author of celebrated works of fear, paranoia, alienation, hopelessness, and nameless dread. Picking up a potential girlfriend, he winnigly described himself as “fretful, mealncholy, untalkative, dissatisfied, and sicky”.

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